About Me

My name is Pat Judge. Photography is not my profession but a passion of mine for several years. I live in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Greystones and the surrounding countryside provide plenty of opportunities for photographic trips. Wicklow, named "The Garden of Ireland" has beautiful scenery and I certainly hope you find some of my images worth the visit.

I am a member of Bray and Greystones local camera clubs. Both clubs are excellent for aspiring and professional photographers and also an excellent social gathering. The clubs organises talks, trips, competitions and a place where knowledge is openly shared.

I like travelling and visiting different places and many of my photographs are from the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. I have a multitude of knowledge yet to attain and many places yet to visit. I follow a lot of photographers world wide and there are some serious shots yet to be taken. There's a lot of places in my "Bucket List".

I hope you enjoy the content of my website.

© Pat Judge